Have a Family Fun Night with General Motors


Most of us have been social distancing and isolating for a while now. It seems like it should be a great opportunity to bond with your family, spend more time with your spouse and catch up on all the hobbies and DIY projects you want to do at home. But let’s be honest – quarantine is starting to feel never-ending. What we all thought would be a couple of weeks has turned into months and we aren’t sure how much longer we will have to quarantine.

So, here are a few fun family activities that you can do in your car, right in your driveway.

  • Have a car wash – washing the car doesn’t have to be a chore. Get the whole family involved, assign everyone a task, turn the hose on your loved ones and have a blast!
  • Car karaoke – use the infotainment system and a tablet to stream some family-friendly tunes, with lyrics, so everyone can sing along. Take turns and judge each other’s performance to add a little family-friendly competition to the fun. For memories that will last a lifetime, film each performance. 
  • Create a home photo or video booth – take your Instagram, GIF, meme and Tik Tok game to the next level by turning your car into a family photo or video booth. Bring along some props, costumes and backdrops to create some epic images. And if you are creating videos, use the infotainment system to play your favorite songs to pair perfectly with your home videos. You can even use this opportunity to create some photo and video memories to document this unprecedented time in your lives and keep them to look back on later. 
  • Have a game night – there are dozens of classic car games. Whilst they are traditionally used to pass the time on long family road trips, these car games can be fun even while in park.
    1. I Spy – one player is a spy who chooses an object within sight and announces to the other players that "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with...", naming the first letter of the object. Other players attempt to guess this object. 
    2. Name that Tune – someone picks a song and starts humming or singing it. Then the other players try to guess which song it is. Instead of singing or humming, you can play songs from the radio or infotainment system for the players to guess.
    3. Who Am I? – bring along some post-its and some pens. Pick one name for each player – it can be a celebrity, cartoon or historical figure, etc. and stick the name on each person’s forehead or back. Don’t let the person see the name they are given. Every player gets 20 “yes” or “no” questions to guess who they are.
    4. Mix & Match stories / Pass the Story – bring a ball and give it to one player to start. The person with the ball begins to tell a story, sharing one sentence. Then they pass the ball and story to the next person who continues it. Each player must leave the story on a cliffhanger for the next player to build on until the story feels complete.
    5. 20 questions – a player starts the game by choosing a “person”, “place” or “thing” and telling the other players the category. The other players then have 20 questions (total) to guess what the starting player is thinking of.
    6. Memory Game – the first player starts by saying, “I’m going out on a picnic and I’m bringing…” and then names an item that comes to mind. Then the next player has to remember that item and add something else to the story. Get a part of the story wrong and you’re out.