About Us

“YASEER RENT A CAR” as an esteemed Car Rental & Leasing Company which is part of Al Ghandi Auto Group, authorized dealer for Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac and Europe’s premier automobile brand - FIAT and Abarth, we offer exemplary service to our customers by offering quality cars in new models with prompt after service. Service and repairs of our vehicles are considered top priority and each and every vehicle is subjected to periodical services as and when due at Al Ghandi Auto Workshops. We are pleased to offer our fleet of cars and 4 Wheel Drives – on daily, weekly, monthly rentals at attractive rates. At YASEER, we strive to offer genuine and personalized quality service always, round the clock. And as the name really means, “YASEER is easy.

YASEER RENT A CAR is strategically located at the Al Ghandi Auto Complex in Ras Al Khor and is easily accessible from all of Dubai.

We are available to our customers 24x7 and our response time is immediate. At Yaseer we strive to offer a genuine and personalised quality of service, around the clock. We have over 500 vehicles at any one time in our fleet and our sizable Sales team can find the vehicle to fit your needs with no hassle.